Some dos and don’ts

Planning your own wedding is difficult, and emotions tend to get in the way of good judgement and decisions . There is no magical formula or exact science. At Buhle Estate we have many years of professional experience, we would like to share a list of our top 10 tips of don’ts

Here they are:

  1. Don’t think that you are going to create something better than anyone else
  2. Don’t arrange your own flowers or bake your own cake. There are too many things for you to do on your special day, what is something you do with ease on any normal day just tips the scales on your wedding day ends up being a disaster
  3. Don’t hire a family member to be your photographer or any other service provider for that matter, 9 times out of 10 it ends in tears, or a row. It is way easier when paying someone to give instructions
  4. Don’t ask too many people for their opinions, they bring their own personal choices into the equation and you lose focus of your own style.
  5. Don’t be obligated to choose your bridal party or guest list on previous invitations, just because you were bridesmaid or invited by a cousin to a wedding , does not mean you have to reciprocate, circumstance is very personal
  6. Don’t rely on the weather to be perfect, it does not make or break a wedding. Always have back up plans. It’s the one thing you have no control over.
  7. Don’t follow trends and fashion, be true to yourself and create a day that epitomises who you are.
  8. Don’t forget to hydrate & eat, the day is long, adrenalin runs high, you need to keep your mood and energy going. Water and healthy snacks are not going to split the seams on your outfit, but your sugar levels will be stable and you will have an amazing day.
  9. Don’t try to control everyone and everything. Just breathe……..and let the day run its path. Worrying will create stress, stress uses energy, the day will flash past in a blur and you won’t remember a thing. Choose your help wisely, then let go.
  10. There is nothing greater than love and commitment, don’t try t make the day anything bigger than that, after all that is what the rest of your life together is all about.

Look out for our top 10 to do tips next month.


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